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St. Michael's School acknowledges the role that athletics and extracurricular activities can contribute to the total development of the student as a mature Catholic individual.

Because the school staff and parents believe that the role of athletics and extra-curricular activities is a positive one for student development, the school shall offer, in accordance with its abilities, an opportunity for all students to participate in any activity(s) of the student's choice.

With the assistance of the St. Michael’s School staff and parent volunteers, we hope to guide the students in developing good team playing and leadership skills. We will also work together to develop good sportsmanship and school pride.

The athletic program at St. Michael's School shall reflect respect for God, Church, and one another.

The following extra-curricular activities are offered at St. Michael's:


  • Girls Volleyball – Grades 5 through 8
  • Boys/Girls Golf Club – Grades 5 through 8


  • Girls Basketball – Grades 4 through 8
  • Boys Basketball – Grades 4 through 8


  • Boys Baseball - Grades 7 through 8
  • Girls Softball - Grades 7 through 8
  • Boys/Girls Golf Club – Grades 5 through 8
Melissa Shimek

Melissa Shimek

Athletic Director

Phone: 952.226.1361

Girls Basketball